Court of Two Sisters

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Steve S. on November 13, 2002

On my latest trip to New Orleans I was fortunate to come upon a truly wonderful restaurant. I had passed by the Court of Two Sisters many times, but never taken the time to eat there. The misplacement of our reservation at another New Orleans eatery was the excuse to finally give this famous restaurant a try.

You enter the restaurant through what appears to be an old New Orleans alley-way, complete with hanging moss and iron light fixtures, reminiscent of "A Streetcar Named Desire." However, once you turn the corner into the restaurant-proper, the scene changes dramatically. Artwork and fine linens adorn the tables and walls and make you truly feel as if you've entered a five star restaurant. The menu certainly doesn't change that perception.

The fixed menu of appetizer, salad, entree and dessert seems to be the house specialty and the food options provide a wonderful palate of tastes and flavors that complement each other wonderfully.

In New Orleans, one would be remiss not to try the seafood gumbo as an appetizer choice. It was delicious. A thick blend of shrimp, clam, and okra with creole seasonings was a treat that I shall not soon forget.

For your salad, choose the caesar option. Impressively, they prepare the caesar dressing at the table blending the classic ingredients with an anchovy and generously topping the fresh greens. It will cost you an extra couple of dollars, but the tableside preparation is worth the difference in price.

The entree choices are wide ranging but overall include mostly seafood options. I tried the "Trout Wellington" a play on words of its more famous cousin beef wellington. They start with a large filet of trout and encase it within a fluffy, crumbly pastry shell (of course shaped like a fish) and then surround it with shrimp, crawfish and crabmeat topped with a choron sauce, a rich flavorful sauce that will leaving you craving more.

Save room for the delectable dessert options. Born in New Orleans, the local favorite is Banana's Foster but the cheesecake and homemade pecan pie looked excellent also. The Banana's Foster, too, is fixed tableside. Flambe bananas with banana liquor, rum and brown sugar and serve over ice cream and the resulting concoction is a fabulous dessert to top off a fabulous meal that will leave you needing an after meal walk around the French Quarter.

Besides the great dinner menu. Court of Two Sisters is known for their jazz brunch served daily in the courtyard for which the restaurant is named. Although I have not been fortunate enough yet to try the brunch, I'm told that brunch is served buffet-style with more than 80 different choices under the canopy of ivy on the courtyard, all set to the stylings of a live jazz band.

All in all, the quality of food, and the unique New Orleans feel make this a truly special restaurant that deserves at least a repeat visit!

Court of Two Sisters
613 Royal St
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130
+1 504 522 7261

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