Fred's Fish House

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by bonrae on November 23, 2000

This place is located two miles south of Thayer in Mammoth Spring (sometimes called "Mammoth Springs") Arkansas.

This restaurant claims to have the best catfish in Arkansas and no one has ever argued with that. Fresh catfish fillets are deep fried so quickly that the cornmeal batter is seared crunchy on the outside, leaving the fish inside light and flaky. Although the fillets are fried, they don't leave you with a heavy "fried fish" taste in your mouth.

An all-you-can-eat meal is under $10 and comes with catfish, slaw, hush puppies and plenty of pickled green tomatoes. If you've never had these tomatoes, they taste very similar to bread and butter pickles - sweet and sour with a little hot thrown in. Don't forget to buy a jar of these while visiting Fred's, because you will miss these very quickly when you get home.

Fred's Fish House
207 Main Street
Thayer, Missouri, 72554
(870) 625-7551

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