Gold Mountain

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by food&fun on November 11, 2000

Gold Mountain is the type of dim sum restaurant you will find in Hong Kong -- huge, busy, with not many non-Asians (to me a sign of a good dim sum restaurant). Nothing is fancy except the chandeliers. The chairs are standard banquet-room issue and the dishes are heavy. Servers believe their job is to push the carts through the restaurant, get the food out, and go back for more fresh stuff. They will explain dishes if asked, but they are efficient, not sociable. Don't be put off -- their job is to serve and yours is to eat and enjoy!

Gold Mountain has the usual dim sum dishes, in good variety. They excel at meat items, though there is certainly nothing wrong with the seafood. This is old-style cooking, with lots of heavy sauces and big flavors...nothing subtle or nouvelle here. If you want to experience authentic dim sum, Gold Mountain is a great starting point. Don't be hesitant to bring in the morning newspaper and linger as you browse the serving carts; you'll see elderly Chinatown residents doing the same thing. By the way, dinner is also very good here, though dim sum is a lunch-only event.
Gold Mountain
644 Broadway
San Francisco, California, 94133
+1 415 296 7733

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