The Peninsula

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by travel2000 on November 12, 2000

The Peninsula Hotel is an institution in Hong Kong and a tribute to the granduer of her colonial past. Stroll up the grand stairs, have the elegant bell boy open the door for you, and you will be met by opulence. It is here in the lobby that afternoon tea is served between 3pm and 6pm. Come here for the full experience, the service, the food, the echo of voices around you. I would go to the Mandarin for intimacy or the Regent and the Grand Hyatt for their city views, but you must make a trip here for the luxury of it all.

Of course, Felix is the famous Philip Starck designed restaurant at the top floor of the hotel, but to save money, I usually just go for drinks after dinner. (That is another popular pastime in the city, friends gathering for drinks after mandatory dinners with family).
Peninsula Hotel
Salisbury Road
Hong Kong

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