Phillips Harborplace

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Foxboro Marmot on October 21, 2000

People say 'Don't go to Phillips. It's too touristy.' Well... turns out I'm a tourist, so that shouldn't be a problem. Phillips Harborplace is in the Light Pavillion at the Inner Harbor and many of the tables have a view of the National Aquarium across the water of the Inner Harbor. Phillips is noted for crab dishes and my Crab Imperial was pretty good, as was the service. Just as I left, a piano player started up, which would make the whole experience even more pleasant.

Before I forget, let me be sure to slam the Phillips Flagship Restaurant in Washington DC. Just in case I don't do an entry for that trip, I need to tell you and anyone else who will listen that the Phillips in Washington DC has the worst service I have ever ... no, wait...let me start over... THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED AT A RESTAURANT IN THE WESTERN WORLD. Hope that's clear enough....
Phillips Harborplace
301 Light St
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202
(410) 685-6600

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