Thrir Frakkar Hja Ulfari

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Joey on September 13, 2000

Where else in the world can you eat Whale? 10 years ago, before the moritorium on Whaling, the restaurant obtained Whale meat (yes, it's 10 years old). You have to at least try it. Whale steaks taste a bit like beef and are very tender. Any of the fish dishes are excellent as fishing is the main industry in Iceland - you are guaranteed to get the freshest fish available. The restaurant is small and cozy and very popular with locals. You can dine outdoors in the summer. Have your Hotel make your dinner reservations or call them directly, but be punctual - having eaten there twice in three days, I was able to get in only because some other people were a few minutes late for their reservation.
Thrir Frakkar Hja Ulfari
Baldursgotu 14
Reykjavik, Iceland

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