Mise en Place

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Gigi on September 6, 2001

This restaurant bills itself as serving 'New American Food". It's difficult to peg what the cuisine is. I can only describe it as a mix of American, Florida, Mediterrean, Carribbean, California - an unexpected and unusual combination of ingredients. The menu changes every week. Some examples of appetizers/entrees are:

Alligator Scallopine (Is this where the meat from those alligator attacks might be going?!)

Marty's Wild Game Plate - ostrich, boar, shrimp andouille & rabbit Roasted Pork Guava sushi roll

Soft shell crab with banana lime viniagrette

My advice is be adventurous and you can experience something new. The night we dined, it was a light mid-week crowd, except for a large and rather noisy group in the level below us who were having a business dinner. We were asked if we would be attending a show (this is near the Performing Arts Center) or not.

The wine list is small, mostly Californian. This was the big faux paus of the night! We ordered a DuPeubles Beaujolais- 97/98. The waiter took a very big chance and brought out was a 2000 Beaujolais Nouveau! (Keep in mind the Beaujolais Nouveau comes out in November of each year and should be consumed by Easter.) My husband was not happy! He had him open it anyway and it was ok/soft if you like that sort of wine.

While waiting to order, we were brought the bread basket consisting of baked-on-the-premise baguette and a whole wheat bread, the latter I found delicious and still warm from the oven, served with yummy roasted garlic - no butter in sight! Appetizers: Mediterrean cheese plate with foccacia & olives which in my opinion did not consist of Mediterrean cheeses but Brie, Havarti, etc. I was intrigued by the pecan-crusted quail with peach chow-chow and avocado-buttermilk drizzle. This was an excellent choice. (BTW - chow chow is a relish of peaches, pickled cabbage, etc).

Salads: I had my personal favorite - mixed greens with creamy maytag bleu hazelnut vinaigrette, green apples,and grape tomatoes. My husband had cous cous salade with olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, mixed greens and radishes.

Entrees: I was less brave here due to some of the spice combinations and that I don't eat beef & so I selected pasta with grilled chicken, asparagus pesto, goat cheese and roasted tomato - very good combination of flavors. I recommend a bit more grilled chicken. My husband had the roasted duck with fig orange balsamic sauce, fennel salsify oyster mushroom sauté and uinoa lentil brown rice pilaf - my taste of the duck proved tender.

The crowning glory was dessert! I had a hard time chosing as the majority of the selections sounded wonderful. I settled for a sliver of chocolate pecan tart with creme anglais substitued for the chocolate sauce while my husband had the apple-pistachio bread pudding (two of his favorite flavors!)

Mise En Place Restaurant
442 W. Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, Florida, 33606
(813) 254-5373


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