Aurora 10 da Pino il Sommelier

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by xine on August 23, 2000

The house speciality which is not on the English menu is the linguine with lobster. The pasta is cooked al dente (as is most pasta in Italy) with a red sauce. Very tasty. We were less than impressed with the service which put a damper on our meal. Bread charge here is 3500 L. We wanted to avoid paying the bread charge so we didn't eat any bread. In fact, they took our bread away and gave it to another table. When we disputed that bread charge, the waiter laughed at us and told us we were paying for the use of the tablecloth. We were quite annoyed that we were charged for the bread that someone else was eating, but had no choice but to pay for it. In general, I think you have to suck it up and pay for the bread no matter what since it's more like a charge for the table.

We did not sample any of the other dishes, but the restaurant is supposed to be great for wine lovers as it carries over 250 wines from each province in Italy.
Aurora 10 da Pino il Sommelier
Via Aurora 10
Rome, Italy
(06) 474-2779

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