Tre Scalini

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by xine on August 22, 2000

Possibly the best meal I had in Rome. I was so stuffed afterwards, but the food was great. The price really depends on how many courses you eat-- i.e. how much of a glutton you feel like being! The caprese salad (tomato and mozzarella) is very fresh and a great way to start off your meal. Share though-- the portions here are quite large. Four of us were eating so I got to sample the fettuccine with salmon, the fettuccine with truffle sauce, risotto with porcini mushrooms and spaghetti with clams (white sauce). I highly recommend all. Go for the spaghetti with clams if you want a lighter option. The fettuccine and risotto dishes are on the creamier/heavy side, but well-worth the extra calories. We also tried the eggplant parmigiana which was good, but on the salty side. I wasn't so impressed with the fried calamari and shrimp. Just not crisp enough. Stick with the pasta/risotto dishes and you won't be disappointed. For dessert, we had to try the Tre Scalini tartufo which is what they are famous for. It was very rich, but satisfying to those with a sweet tooth!
Tre Scalini
Piazza Navona, 28
Rome, Italy, 00186
39 0668801996

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