Billigans Island

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by El Gallo on August 12, 2000

Join the castaways on a three hour tour. Okay, the name is hokey. The bar in shape of a boat on the beach is hokey. But three words: Location, location, location. Right on the sand, right on THE beach, and right under the sun. It's just a palm thatch roof, over some of the tables, the rest out on the sand. The beach party bingo look of the day turns romantic at night, when glass globes are put on the tables, each with an inch of sand supporting a white candle. You step out of the water and step into Billigans. In fact, I've seen the ocean come right up into Billigans. It floated the bar, but didn't stop drink service.

The food is generally of the cuisine known as 'high priced'--steaks, lobsters, and shrimp. Everything fresh and braised and juicy. You can get a quesadilla if you want though. They're eager to please at Billigans, just a fun-loving crew. Hell, they work in paradise.

I probably shouldn't mention this in these days of correctness, but it's good to get a seat where you can see the open-air shower. A lot of really beautiful women come to Billigans, and it's been my impression that they look a lot more beautiful under the shower. Do they have THAT in Maxim's? I think not.
Billygan's Medano Beach Club
Paseo Del Pescador Y Playa El Medano
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23410
+52 114 3 0402

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