The Broadmoor

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Tate on August 10, 2000

The Broadmoor is one of the nicest hotels in the Western United States. Period. You could stay for a month at motel six for the same price as 2 days at the Broadmoor, which I find a little absurd, but it's still worth visiting for dessert of an all you can eat breakfast buffet, or for a walk around the grounds.

The Broadmoor is mostly a golfing resort built around a little lake and surrounded by greens. The insides of the hotel are immaculate, and the food is superb. Since I've never had an extra hundred dollars to drop on dinner, I haven't eaten a full meal there, but on special ocassionas I have been known to go to dessert or breakfast at the Broadmoor.

Dessert: Yum. Nothing else to describe it. Walk into the upstairs dining room and be seated, and pig out with anything the chef concocted for the day. Afterwards, stroll around outside with your significant other and finally take a seat in front of a huge fire pit burning on their patio. There's usually lots of comfy seats.

For breakfast, it's all you can eat, with lots of crepes and fresh fruit and berries, the main reason I went there. If you eat correctly, you can actually get more than your money's worth!
One Lake Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80906
(719) 634-7711

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