Shrimp Docks

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by barbara on April 10, 2005

The city of Richmond Hill has become a thriving bedroom community of sorts for Savannah, which is located 20 minutes to the east, and for Fort Stewart, which is located 20 minutes to the west. Real estate here has gone up tremendously in value over the last 20 years, as land can still be had on the water. There are homes in every price range up to the multimillions. Actor Ben Affleck actually owns property in this vicinity, but as we approached Shrimp Docks, we did not know what to expect from the restaurant. We drove through a cluster of trailers into the parking lot. Then we climbed the stairs up to the front door.

Perched high like a beach house on stilts, Shrimp Docks boasts a fabulous view once you get inside. While the sand gnats were out in force in the early spring, making the dock unappealing, we sat at a table in front of the wide windows looking over a waterway that reminded me of the salt-water marshes in Charleston. I could just imagine walking down the dock and throwing a crab pot over the side! With a mural of water on the opposite wall above a row of booths, pale wood tables and chairs, and area paintings and photographs by local artists, the decor was nice but not overdone or stuffy. White spindle starfish hang above the window glass. I was very comfortable in a skirt, but I noticed a few other patrons were wearing shorts, as temperatures were already pushing into the 80’s outside.

So how was the food? Here was the thing that would really make this a place worth visiting. The guy who runs it was trained as a chef in Atlanta. As a proprietor of another restaurant in nearby Midway, he really knows how to prepare seafood! Starting off with a cup of crab stew chockfull of crab meat, I decided to order the crab cakes ($17) for an entrée. Not too bready at all, these were delicious and served in a nice portion. I also enjoyed the asparagus and mashed potatoes that came with this meal, though I eyed the cheese grits my mother ordered as her side. The other adults at the table got seafood platters ($23), which can be served fried, blackened, or broiled. These generous helpings of fish, scallops, and shrimp were too much to eat all at once, and we actually took some home. A nice bottle of pinot noir complimented the meal. My son was happy with a simple order of chicken fingers ($7 from the appetizer menu).

Bottom line? If you're in Richmond Hill on the outskirts of Savannah and want a nice restaurant, Shrimp Docks will hit the spot. The service was excellent, the atmosphere was lovely, and we greatly enjoyed our meal.

Shrimp Docks
2943 Kilkenny Road
Savannah, Georgia, 31324
(912) 727-5999

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