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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on November 5, 2012

This friendly little hotel is located in a safe, affluent section of town where absolutely nothing happens, day or night. It is at least a ten-minute walk to other restaurants, and much farther to any sights. Fortunately, there is a bus stop only steps away from the hotel, the buses are frequent and regular, and there are many connections to other bus, tram, and subway routes that will take you all over town, for 1.50 euros with free transfers. The bus ride to Termini is about 20 minutes, the bus/subway to the Colosseum is about 30 minutes, the walk/tram to the Vatican is about 45 minutes, and the bus/bus to the centro storico is about 45 minutes. You can walk to the Villa Borghese in about 25 minutes. (The time does pass quickly though, since between the hotel and your destination are the lively city and people of Rome.) If you miss the last bus, which is sometime after midnight, a taxi from Termini will cost you 15 euros. So this hotel, while technically in the city of Rome, is definitely a transit-based option. This also means that you are dependent on the hotel's restaurant. The breakfast, which is included in your room rate, is huge, varied, and good. The dinner is okay at best, and rather expensive for the quality. (They are open at lunch, but you will probably be far away, sightseeing.) You will be much happier with this hotel if you are a breakfast person, or if you can be one during your stay. The staff are competent and friendly, and they speak pretty good English. Probably some other languages too; guests at this hotel come from many places. (I heard French, Spanish, and German spoken by guests, although Italian and English were the default choices for communication with the staff.) By the way, the TV channels included CNN, Fox News, and the BBC, as well as the national broadcasters of France, Spain, and Germany, besides numerous Italian channels. And there's the Internet. So you'll definitely be able to check the news, weather, and your flight information. My room was very small, but it was also very clean. The bathroom was to a higher standard than the room, although the shower was small and there was no bath tub. The bed was to a lower standard than the room: the mattress was surprisingly hard, and the sheets were surprisingly rough and thin. The elevator was extremely tiny, only worth it for the first and last trips (with all the bags); at other times, just take the stairs. So this hotel is probably not an option for people with mobility issues. Bottom line: this is a pleasant, adequate little hotel with excellent transit options and a huge breakfast included in your room rate. If you are planning to spend most of your time sightseeing, and if you are not too concerned with nightlife, fine cuisine, and spa comforts (or mobility issues), then this hotel is an excellent value. But, on the other hand, if nightlife and great Italian meals are important items on your agenda, you should definitely keep looking, and expect to pay more for that location.
Hotel Delle Muse
Via Tommaso Salvini, 18
Rome, Italy, 00197
+39 (06) 80-88-333

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