Warmed up...EVENTUALLY

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on October 16, 2012

When we arrived on a 60 degree day the air conditioning was turned to its strongest setting and the fan was on maximum. Very chilly. We changed the setting to heat and moved the heat setting to 6 of 10...No degrees settings. We left immediately for several hours and the temp was a bit high at #6 so moved it to 5 and went to bed. Changed it to 4 while we went out for the day. When we returned we intended to see if #4 setting felt OK for sleeping. HOWEVER, when we returned we discovered that housekeeping had reset our heat to air conditioning and moved the temperature setting to coldest possible just as we found it when we arrived. Outside temp high 50s, inside temp, LOW 50s. Housekeeping got my wife one other time when she turned on the shower and they had changed the shower setting so that she got blasted with cold water from the shower head instead of the water coming out of the spout. Then a couple minutes later the hot water was depleted so she finished her shower with cold water, too. I waited about 20 minutes and the water was hot when I started but it was cold before I finished. This was at 5:50 AM so should not have been competing with too many tourists using the hot water. Management called just after we arrived to tell us we should take our GPS out of our window. At an Elmer's Restaurant across the street there is a sign in their lobby warning to not leave anything visible in a car because of a recent "series of 'smash and grabs'" in the neighborhood. We did not personally see any hoodlums lurking about during our stay. Room would have been nice if it weren't for the freezing temperature of the indoor air and the shower water. Try the "Looking for Sun" omelette at Elmer's across the street. We asked for and got a room on the fairly quiet Hosmer Street side. Other side faces the freeway and may be loud.
Shilo Inn Tacoma
Tacoma, Washington, 98408


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