Terrible Service, nice location

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on August 28, 2012

I stayed at the Best Western Timber Cove for my wedding. We had a group of approx 17 rooms for the weekend. First, the good: the location is to die for. Right on the lake, convenient to a lot of the things you want to do in the area. The first floor rooms have lovely sliding doors that open to great views and grassy areas. The bed was very comfortable. Unfortunately, these are the ONLY good things about it. Let's start with the room itself - pretty small, way too much furniture. We finally asked that the maintenance people take out the table because we could not move around. The bathroom is laughably small. No tub, just a small shower in a poorly lit stall. There was an odd smell when we arrived - we opened the sliding door most of the time, so it was ok, but my guess is it was from a dog (this is a dog friendly hotel), and if it was winter, or your were sensitive, it would be a problem. Now for the reservations. My wedding was in AUGUST. I contacted the hotel in March to arrange. I requested 20 rooms to be held. Tina (who is no longer with the hotel) informed me of the group rate, the complimentary breakfast, that my guests would be booked in the same "building" near each other, and that my rooms would be held until 30 days before my wedding - all my guests needed to do was mention our names and the wedding to be booked appropriately and have the correct rate. Sounds easy, right? nope... My guests had multiple problems booking rooms. Some were told that rooms were not available YET. Others that they were all taken. I was on the phone with Tina at least once every two weeks trying to get things taken care of for my guests. Tina was extremely hard to get in touch with. She did not return calls. However, I was able to confirm thing with her. She could not clarify why the front desk was having such a tough time with reservations, only that some people were "new". ok.... Anywhoo, being the detailed control freak I am, I called and emailed Tina 2 weeks before the wedding. We confirmed each of my guests reservations and special requests/room types (some needed first floor rooms). We went through the names on the list together, and we were all set. So, imagine my surprise when I arrived on the Wed prior to the wedding and asked if anyone was due in today. They told me three of my guests were due in, and then checking out on Friday .... um, the wedding is on Saturday. Nope, not correct. Two friends and my aunt's reservations were "mixed up". I asked to speak with Tina - oh, she is no longer employed here. ?!?!? Thanks for letting me know. Who is taking over? Lisa. Is Lisa available? No. Great ... The woman at the front was not able to fix the reservations, but told us to get settled and come back while they "figured it out"... ok.... back in an hour - oh, all figured out! Nope. It was terrible and embarrassing. They "lost" 4 additional guest reservations by the time people arrived, despite my standing at the front desk comparing my list to theirs. One was my aunt. They then stated that the room requested was not available. Then tried to up-charge her. Another guest was also informed that they would need to pay more for the room they booked 2 months before. I am so embarrassed that the hotel I picked would try to fleece my family and friends! To top it off: the "complimentary breakfast" is discontinued - they gave us vouchers, but not for the people whose reservations disappeared. They let someone charge a meal to my aunt's room by saying they were "with the wedding" though they were not. My parents had a problem with the sink. It rendered their room unusable and no one could fix it. All my guests were scattered throughout the hotel, despite multiple assurances that they would all be in the same area. Not one person from the staff checked on our party despite many problems, and no apologies were forthcoming. I wrote to the hotel, whose GM Peter responded with an odd letter about our stay, and saying we should have used is catering staff. Um, we had our wedding and reception somewhere else. And thank goodness! These people could not handle a wedding - they cannot even handle running a hotel! In summary: If not for the location, they would have been out of business LONG ago. Ridiculous. Do not trust them with any groups, special events, or anything!
Best Western Timber Cove Lodge
3411 Lake Tahoe Boulevard
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150
(530) 5416722


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