First impression GREAT - But every other impression not so much!

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 5, 2012

We had high hopes for this hotel since it was an excellent price and part of a well-known, hospitable chain. We only stay in suites and have been to numerous other Marriott properties in the past with great experiences, but we didn't get what we're used to from this location. Value for the money was good - great rate and we got a weekend discount so that was a bonus. Upon arrival, concierge desk employees were very courteous and check-in was speedy. Got into our room and was extremely happy with the decor and atmosphere. Room was laid out nicely and decor was modern. Pulled out sofabed and mattress was a bit thin; however, not in need of replacement. When dressing sofabed with extra linens from the closet, noticed a prominent blood stain on the pillow. Called the front desk and they were apologetic and replaced everything immediately; but it was still quite disgusting. Pool area was a bit small, but still clean. The floor of the pool looked dirty - like sand was in it - but it was just discolored. Not that appealing, but no real issues. Pool attendant on the first day was on her cell the entire time and nit-picked about our 10 year old splashing even though there was no one else in the pool or even in the pool room. She was still nice though. Second day was the absolute worst at the pool. The lifeguard on duty was absolutely horrible - ignorant and disrespectful. The pool was full the entire time we were there and she hardly ever glanced up to check on the patrons. She refused to get up and let us into the pool even though the door wasn't working properly. Had to bang after trying with key cards and just opening it and then she finally, leisurely walked over and gave us attitude about it. When asked to assist with turning on the hot tub, she just pointed to the switch instead of getting up from her seat a whole three feet away. There were no towels in the pool area and when asked at the front desk they said she should have gotten them. Went back into the pool area and she still refused to assist. Had to go back out to the concierge to request our own towels and complain. Upon checkout, we were told that they had a discussion with her and she gave them the same response - she couldn't leave. Concierge stated he told her how to properly handle in the future, but obviously her attitude needs an adjustment. Breakfast area was nice, but very cramped - way too small for as many guests as the hotel accomodates. Nice spread for a complimentary breakfast and they did well with keeping the food filled. Only problem was there was no coffee and no indication as to when it was going to be refilled and there was no room to do anything. With options for making a breakfast sandwich, or toasting, there was no free counterspace available for prep. And with that many people, you had to stand in the line and wait for your food, causing back-up for the other guests. Attempted to heat the breakfast sandwich up in the microwave to melt the cheese and the microwave wouldn't work. The attendant did attempt to assist, but couldn't get it to work either. Since there were no seats available anyway, we just went back up to our room to heat and eat. The fridge in our room didn't get cold at all. We called the front desk and they said it should have been working since we confirmed the motor was on. It never got any colder and they didn't offer to fix/replace it. We didn't need it, so we didn't press the issue. Bed was extra comfy. Even after our routine inspections when first checking into a hotel, we saw no visible stains on the mattress or pillows. Would have been nicer to have two TV's - one each for the bedroom and sitting area, but there was no room for it. Although, the TV did swivel, we weren't able to have a great view from the bed and my kids in the sofabed at the same time. Room could have been a bit more spacious. In fact, when the sofabed was pulled out, it was hard to pass by between the TV stand and the bed. 'Coffee' table option was cute as they doubled as TV trays since there was no dining table option. Without the sofabed extended, my family of four was able to maneuver with ease. Had we not had the experience with the stain and the lifeguard, I would have given this hotel an excellent in every category. I honestly think this hotel has a lot of potential, based on comparisons to others of like kind and quality. The staff overall was very courteous and accomodating. It's a shame that one person can be so rude as to ruin it for the rest of them.
SpringHill Suites by Marriott Herndon Reston
138 Spring St
Herndon, Virginia, 20170

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