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Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on August 4, 2012

Let me preface this bad review with the fact that the Hampton Inn chain is one of my favorites and I tend to regularly stay in Hampton Inns when I travel, both with and without my family. The problem is not the chain, but this particular Hampton Inn. I booked in here with friends for two years in a row while coming in July to participate in the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. The first year they managed to screw up the booking and we got rooms with single beds rather than the two beds we had originally booked. We figured it was just something that happened and booked again, earlier this time for this years event...big mistake. After 10 hours of driving to Pittsburgh, towing trailers, then several more hours of setting up in Schenley Park and registering for the event, we were looking forward to hot showers and a good nights sleep. Problem was when we checked in, the night manager told us our three month old reservations had been canceled. With a smirk on her face (I'm not lying, it seemed like she was going to start giggling about it) she said they were all booked up and there was nothing she could do about it. She actually tried at that point to walk away from us, but one of the guys insisted that she help us find another place to stay. She did at a sister hotel some 5 miles further away and we did finally get a place to stay but you can understand why we were more than a little upset by all this. After the event, as Hilton Honors members, we contacted Hilton and filed complaints...we had lost 3 out of 5 of our reserved rooms. We waited to hear from the Hampton Inn, but no one contacted us...so we filed a second complaint about that and finally, 4 weeks later I got a phone call from the general manager. After all this, he said he didn't know why our reservations had been canceled, but there was nothing he could do about it. He didn't know who the night manager was we dealt with and didn't have anything to add to that. In our entire 6 minute conversation, he nevered offered an apology or indicated in anyway that he was sorry about what we experienced. I was stunned and was more angry after listening to him than I was before we spoke. As a place to lay your head, you can find better places to stay in Pittsburgh and certainly you deserve an establishment that places more of a premium on your custom than this place. How this hotel succeeds despite this inept management is beyond me, but why spend your money staying somewhere that could care less about you. As a sidebar, this year (without notice) they changed their parking policies and have begun to charge $14 a night for parking fees. We've had problems twice and have had no positive interaction with hotel management about this. Book here at your own risk...you can't say you weren't warned.
Hampton Inn Pittsburgh-University Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15213
412 681-1000


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