Beautiful Hotel, Terribly Managed!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on September 26, 2012

We checked into Occidental on the September 17, 2012 for our honeymoon. We paid more to be in the so-called Royal Club package.Check in took forever, part of the royal club was that check in was supposed to go more smoothly and much faster.... We finally get to our room after well over an hour, and our luggage isn't there. But there was a half drank bottle and 2 double beds pushed together instead of the king we had reserved. Everything in the room was unplugged. Our luggage was not in the room. We went up and spoke to the concierge, their response "Oh really? Ohh". This became standard to hear from them as apparently they either have no authority to change anything or more likely they just don't care at all. They tell us the rooms are full, but we can have a king size room tomorrow. They called down for our luggage. It never came. I finally just walked downstairs and found our luggage sitting by the front door, exactly where we left it. I picked it up and walked away with it without anyone even asking me about it. So, we go the next day to get the new room, taking close to 2 hours of time that we should have been trying to enjoy at the beach and pool.. They show us a room over looking the parking lot with men working. No good. So they give us a room on the 6th floor, doesn't sound like a problem until you realize royal club is only on the 7, 8, & 9 floors. So now we don't have the upgraded linens and tv ect that we paid for, but we also get a hard time everytime we call room service. "What color is your bracelet? You are on the 6th floor". We scheduled dinner reservations for the italian place and the hibachi place. They never put the resevation for the hibachi through, so we showed up and they wouldn't seat us. We complained, my wife ended up crying. Later that night they offer us a 30 minute massage to compensate.... We're sunburned, and personally we don't want to be touched by strangers. That was more of an insult than anything in my opinion. Last night there we ordered chicken fingers and fries from room service, the chicken was RAW. Not just a little pink, but clear and pink on the inside. I ended up sick. I won't talk about the food really, as with all-inclusives its not going to be great. Caribean place was horrible, Italian was ok, Hibachi #once we finally got a reservation# was great. Buffet was in-edible. On a good note, the pool and beach were amazing. Pool bar and beach bar were great, really good drinks, a little too strong at times but at least we know there was alcohol in them! We were not the only ones with problems, every couple we spoke to #at least 6 couples# had problems too. We hear the RIU Palace is great though, do yourselves a favor and book there instead!
Allegro Aruba by Occidental
Palm Beach, Florida

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