Great hotel!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from on September 12, 2012

Honestly, before I came to the hotel, I thought I was going to get a lot less than I got. I read a lot of reviews and so many people said bad things about it, but really... its not bad at all. Yes my room was small but I was traveling alone, and being a 21 year old guy, I don't need something huge. The bed was comfortable, super small but I don't care... And the staff were nice, the maids thought that I drank a bottle of water, but I didn't, and when I checked out the reception asked me if I did, I said no, and they said ok, thank you! Freaking AWESOME location for anyone who wants to go to Berlin, but you need to know that you NEED to take the Ubahn if you want to get to the brandenburg gate/doucher dom/museum island/tv tower/ nikolaivertel/ Reichstag/ Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe... however, the great shopping street (forgot the name) is literally steps away, there is a great, and pretty big grocery store like almost downstairs (about 100 feet away, when you leave the main entrance you go right and walk about 100 feet, and its inside next to a sushi restaurant (and also a great bakery, if you don't know anything about berlin, they have these bagle bites with cheese on them, its like pizza but amazing!) Also, the Zoo is a walk away, a main ubahn + Sbahn station is right by the zoo, which is PERFECT to get to all those great attractions I said above ^^ (and just a tip its 6.50 for a day pass on the U + S bahn in zones A+B (which is all you need really), unless you want to go to Orainienburg to visit the concentration camp there (Such an amazing place to visit) then you will need A+B+C but thats only an extra .50 Euro) Tiergarden is also a walk away, and a trip to berlin without visiting tiergarden is NOT a trip to berlin. Ok HOTEL: Great staff, funny staff, I asked one of the staff just to confirm my check out, and he said "Its today sir" and I was like wait WHAT?! and he was just kidding, was really funny. But honestly awesome people. Its such a great area and great place you have to go... btw my shower and bathroom were awesome and the temperature was great too.. but the tv had no dvd player and only had three (news) channels in english... so beware if you want anything more than news! If you are on the top floor as well! IF you open the window, you can steal internet from the hotel across the street! It worked wonders for me! I hope you have a great vacation and this hotel really will be the bang for your buck! Hope I helped!
Berlin Mark Hotel
Berlin, Germany
49 30 880020

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