Hard Beds, Mold, Great Fun Crew

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on September 4, 2012

We stayed here the last week of August 2012. It was the only All Inclusive that had rooms available, so we took a chance. There was mold in the bathroom shower around the soap dispensers, mold on a picture and the wall in the main bedroom area, the sliding door to go on the balcony was filthy all week long - never once was it cleaned. The tile floors need to be re-grouted because the grout is all black and moldy looking. The bed was HORRIBLE...my hips hurt so bad by the end of the week from laying on my side (because you cannot lay on your back). My husband and I both have bad backs and were both really feeling the pain by the middle of the week. The lunch buffet is also HORRIBLE. I heard several other people commenting on this too. We left two days and paid for lunch out just so we wouldn't have to eat there again. The Italian restaurant was O.K., the Carribean was terrible. My husband got surf & turf and the lobster was so overcooked it was like a pile of rubber. I got coconut shrimp which I could have better out of the frozen section in the grocery store. Also, they charge for internet access which is ridiculous at this current time when they could easily have WiFi. Now for the good: The fun crew was AWESOME, the resort is a really active resort - always something fun going on and it seems to really attract people that want to have fun. The pool is very nice and large and never feels crowded. The beach is GREAT, the extras like snorkeling gear, floats, sailboats, kayaks, etc are WONDERFUL, the pool bar staff was great (especially the lady - sorry I don't know her name or I would mention it - she was SO GREAT and always happy to see us). The MEXICAN restaurant was AWESOME!! We ate there 3 times (and heard others talking about how they liked it too). The breakfast buffet was VERY GOOD...awesome made to order omelettes, fruits, anything you could really want. Finally, the location is really good because right across the street there are shops open at night, Hard Rock Cafe, and Gianni's Italian Restaurant (which was AWESOME!).
Allegro Aruba by Occidental
Palm Beach, Florida


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