A very go deal for your money. Picturesque.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on September 3, 2012

1. Room prices are fair, good deal as compared to other resorts on the island. 2. Multiple front door/counter people who will direct and help you with any question. They do tend to disappear for 3-5 minutes for breaks, and the front counter usually has only one person. But, ultimately, they will try to serve you fast and with a smile. 3. You MUST wear a plastic bracelet denoting if you are an all-inclusive or room-only patron, and if you lose it - 75 dollar fee applies. 25 fee for lost towel cards. Kind of steep and unnecessary. 4. Entertainment at night is very limited. In a week that we've stayed, they had multiple karaoke nights in their indoor lounge, which NOONE attended. The karaoke DJ was always absent too. No effort to involve the crowd at all. Late night dancing consists of a DJ girl with a laptop spinning usual fare, but again, none tries to involve the crowd at all. Yet, on Thursday they had a Carnival night, where they had a fire-breathing/glass-walking entertainer and a live band. The frontman of said live band went beyond and above his duty to make everyone dance. Two servers from restaurant joined in teaching the crowd how to dance, and after they finished their shift joined the dancers in the lounge. Extremely entertaining! Bottom line - limited nightlife. 5. Rooms are nice and clean, AC working well, no plumbing issues, prompt room service/cleaning. The views are breathtaking. We walked around the property, trying to compare the views from different rooms/buildings - they are all fantastic. The architects knew what they were doing. 6. If you don't have the all-inclusive - the prices in all the restaurants/bars/cafes are VERY steep. Either take the dollar bus to Red Hook for dinners or visit the on-site independent cafe, which has lower prices. 7. The property is beautiful. Triple pool with waterfalls that light up at night are gorgeous. The beach is small, clean and cozy. Snorkeling provided and a lot of fish are right there. Mini-golf, tennis/basketball courts are available and included. Scuba lessons every morning. Poolside bar provided. A large extra pool is next to spa salon. Very impressive. 8. Iguanas everywhere. They do not bite/attack unless you start stomping on them, so it was very entertaining seeing them going after people with snacks. Bunch of cats roaming the property too. Pretty cool. 9. Sand bugs. USE REPELLENT AT NIGHT/MORNING. The bites itch for days and leave red marks for days. No bugs in rooms, unless you start bringing in beach towels (don't!). The resort gives out the whole page warning about sand bugs, so don't complain if you don't protect yourselves. These are ubiquitous to Caribbeans, so just be careful. 10. Staff tends to be lazy at times, sometimes directing you place to place just to avoid helping out, but some are genuinely involved and rescue the picture. TIPS: - Use $2 dollar buses to travel the island. Cheap and fun, as they are the open-type safari buses. - Be careful if you plan to rent a car. They drive on left side here, roads are steep and narrow, and local populace drives like maniacs. - If you plan to go to Amelie-Charlotte, try to go when the cruise ships are in town. Otherwise many places/shops are closed. - The hotel trip-planning desk can help you book your entertainment. DO try the zip-lining. DO try the whole-day yacht trip with snorkeling/beaches/lunch. DO visit St. John's with a guide/bus tour. The whole week that we stayed at this resort we were bugged by one question. The large place with trees, marked as relaxation garden, is located between the buildings and looks unkept/deserted/depressing. Only by the end of the stay we figured out that this was a relaxation garden for all the cats whi chill under trees, not the patrons. I had a good time there, so did my lady. If and when I go back to the island, I will stay there again.
Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort and Spa
6500 Estate Smith Bay
St Thomas, 00802
(340) 777-7100


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