Good for the price

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 19, 2012

This hotel had it's ups and downs, but overall, it was good for the amount we paid. The staff was very, very good. We never had a single staff member in a bad mood, or not going out of their way to please us (even before we tipped). So service, was by far the best we have had while traveling abroad. The food was okay, definitely better in the restaurants, but I got sick of it fast (and i'm not a picky eat whatsoever). I liked that the buffet was very good for my liking, bc it kept me from overeating, like i always do on vacation! The nightlife and even day life was excellent. There was always something going on. Two night clubs also made it fun. The foam party was really fun, and comparable to a vegas night club. Bars everywhere, i loved it! The grounds were well kept, lots of workers always cleaning. The resort its self is clean, but has been through a lot of parties and rough weather. They did the best with what they were working with, but who pays attention to detail when on vacation. I booked this hotel b/c i liked the idea of it being the 'party place'. I found that the party side/pool was crowded with 18 somethings (yes even on a non-spring break time) and seriously smelled like an out house. Too many ppl peeing in the pool. It was disappointing b/c i wanted to hang out over there since it was more upbeat with a lot going on and a pretty good dj. ... I just could not get over that stench, or get back in the water. So we stayed at the grand side pool which had way too many children splashing my face. It was almost the the extremes of both worlds, we either dealt with too many little kids, or too many 18-20 somethings that were almost the equivalent of rowdy children. I needed an in-between pool. I mean we are younger 24 &26, and like to party, but it was just too much. The beach was nice and big. Overall it was a good vacation.
Hotel Grand Oasis All Inclusive - Cancun
Boulevard Kukulc√°n, Km. 16,5, 77500
Cancun, Mexico, 77500
+52( 998) 287-3832

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