Great value with the all inclusive!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 10, 2012

Just got back from our trip was a short one but was perfect getaway that we needed. You can be active and go to different places or you can stay at the resort and not really spend any more money if you have the all inclusive. You will want it once you see the prices if you didnt have it there would be a look of shock on your face. I read the reviews before going and got a little scared, but I had a friend who has been there a few times and said he never had a problem. 1st The rooms were clean and may have been upgraded a few years ago so some things are showing their age but all in all the room was good, view was good, ac worked too cold (good thing), safe worked, tv could have been better but hey for what the price was Im not complaining. I think that some of the negative reviews must have been people that were expecting 5 star luxury service, but thats not what your paying for. If you want that then pay double the money and pay for all of your drinks and food separately. 2nd Beach is small to me but I live at the jersey shore, there are rocks on half of it but a good spot to look around for shells and stuff. even though the beach was small it wasnt over crowded. We never had a problem getting a chair at the beach or by the pool. Pool was nice clean and there are 3 that connect. seemed like kids stayed in one and adults migrated to the one with the swim up bar. jacuzzi pool off to side was big and most the time empty. 3rd The food! The food was good overall, the buffet by the pool never looked to appealing but the burgers and dogs were good ( tip the cooks since they are working hard all day in the heat to make the food) seems like the servers who get your drinks get the tips and people forget about the cooks so they may not be smiling all the time. The buffet for breakfast in the lobby dinning area is great. Omelet station, and enough choices to make everyone happy. Never went to lunch buffet. Dinner buffet in lobby dinning area was also very good and even though im a little picky i could always find things to eat and the fact that they are cooking for a hotel worth of people the food was good. Now if you dont have the all inclusive its $40 per person before tip for dinner. so like I have said already all inclusive is the way to go. Drinks im sure are expensive. You can goto the bar at night and get pizza and wings to bring back to your room at no charge.. 4th One of my only complains would be that if you want to travel to another beach coki or Meagan bay it cost money to travel by taxi and the charge is per person. for example Meagan bay which is rated one of the top 10 beaches in the world cost 20 for two people one way so going there and back and tip cost $45. but still the beach was beautiful. Coki is closer so 25 round trip. Those are the only two we went to because of time. Same goes for restaurants you are paying high prices to eat because its an island and you also have to pay for the taxi. So we didnt leave to go eat off the resort since it was paid for at resort. All in all great experience and nice place to stay staff will try and accommodate your needs ( be reasonable people) if you want to get away for a nice vacation for not alot of money this is it. I searched around and other places we looked at would have cost the same amount without the all inclusive so food and drink would be extra and a lot extra breakfast lunch and dinner with some drinks throughout would be an easy $250. so If you want to save a few bucks and dont make $250k a year then this is the place. Im sure im forgetting something i wanted to add but oh well have a good trip..
Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort and Spa
6500 Estate Smith Bay
St Thomas, 00802
(340) 777-7100

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