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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on August 7, 2012

I recently stayed at this hotel and quite frankly I cannot understand why people were rather harsh with their review. I did have a room on the first floor near the pool and there was a bit of a 'pool smell', but you also arent sleeping in the hallway either. The pool isnt not open late so the noise factor is low in that regard, but there other people staying here and they might be clueless to keep it down as they go their room, that isnt the hotels fault, that is inconsiderate people in general. Once in my room no issues. It was a quite a clean room. I had informed them I was going to be a late check-in. As I was enroute the manager called to see if I was still coming, and was quite friendly in his manner. I appreciated that call, also i was only charged for one night not 2, even though I booked for 2 nights. (but arrived after 1 am) Other staff members were quite friendly. From the front desk staff when I was checking out, to the staff during breakfast. Even the guys that drove the shuttle to the T were very nice and friendly. There are plenty of **** and ***** hotels in and around the Boston area, if you want top shelf then stay there. if you are of Mr. & Mrs. Americana with 2.5 kids, this place is quite good and fine for the money. Personally if people didnt hoard food from the buffet they might not have to raise their prices.. I saw alot of hoarding and felt like what 'your never gonna eat again?
Ramada Inn Boston
Boston, Massachusetts, 02122


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