Hotel was not worth the money

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on July 31, 2012

first off we heard good thing about this hotel. we stayed many places in Aruba and will not be going back to the occidental. they over booked the hotel and told us we would need to change rooms after one night. after displaying my displeasure they said they would offer us a free massage. i told them to keep it I was not going to loose any more of our vacation time gettig rubbed up by some dude. Bar tenders in side the hotel and at the beach or pool were good but try to get a drink at dinner. you have a better chance at winning the lottery with out buy a ticket. We ate dinner in the rain because they do not serve dinner at the desire restaurant in side even though they there are about 30 tables available. Room was nice beach was and were great service absulutley stinks. and beleive me we where far from the only ones dissapointed
Allegro Aruba by Occidental
Palm Beach, Florida

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