Not as good as I had hoped

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on May 15, 2010

My family and I stayed at the resort April 9-23 2010. The resort appears nice enough until you get settled. We went with 4 other families so we were a fairly large group. May familys room was right next to a storage closet where there were linens kept and sometimes the dishes left over from room service were kept. Needless to say we had ants in our room for the entire two weeks we were there. They were even in our beds. We complained and they completely tore apart our room 4 times over our stay including our last night there which is very awkward when you are trying to pack. They never offered to move our rooms and when I complained upon check out they said they would look into the problem. #40because the four times they had to remake our room wasnt good enough to make them look into it already???#41 They offered nothing to compensate for this at all. Besides the ants this resort is not equipped for the rain. We had a lot of rain. Thats not the fault of the resort I know but on the first night of rain they ran out of umbrellas so we spend 5 days getting soaked because there was nowhere on the resort or nearby that even sold umbrellas. On top of that if it is raining the shuttle service from the lobby to the meeting point #40the meeting point is a secondary lobby for people staying near the ocean part of the resort#41 is ultra slow. We actually had to pay a taxi to take us from the lobby to the meeting point one night because the line up was about 2 hours long for the shuttle. I would not go back to this resort.
Gala Beach Resort Playacar All-Inclusive
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 77710

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