Hotel Guest's Beware, hotel stay almost cost me 100,000!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on March 5, 2008

Hubby & I checked in both our debit cards declined, asked how much they where trying to charge card they said $325. I said there might be a $300 dollar limit, they then tried both cards for one night $175. After still being declined they where rude to us, I asked if they would take check, one woman started to say yes until the other elbowed her and said no, we found out later in our guest book that they do. i was very upset it was snowing very bad out and we had no where to go. luckily we Managed to get money from atm paid for that night. Next day found a bank that did shared branching with our bank and we got cash to pay for that night. Found out monday from my bank that they had tried to charge both our cards 32,500 and both again at 17,500. THEY TRIED TO CHARGE US ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR TWO NIGHTS! I called and told them this, they blew me off and said it couldn't happen because they do it by computer. was then told they would check the computer and talk to the woman who cashed us out. I have sent emails to them and hand written letters, but i have not gotten a response. Our romantic weekend was ruined, it locked down our account we couldn't go out to eat or get gas to get home with. Our bank told us it's considered confirmed fraud. On the smaller side we where told our room would come with fireplace, which it didn't. We where told that if we purchased a suite our room would come with a "free buffet breakfast for 2", come to find out everyone gets this, even if you don't purchase a suite.
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