Room not adequate and staff has no communication skills

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on July 21, 2012

Checked in the hotel late afternoon everything was fine. Went into the room unpacked our things. We didnt check the room for anything wrong because it should have been up to par prior to us checking in. So we left for dinner, came back to the hotel changed to swim in the pool. We returned to the hotel room and had our kids jump in the showe., but one of the two bathroom doors wouldnt open. When they finished the tub was filled up almost to the rim with shower water. Well who wants to shower like that?? Im pretty sure everyone elses showers were working fine. We tried to see if something was clogging it from the top of the drain but there was nothing. We called the front desk and the lady said there was nothing they could do but move to another room as there was only one room left, but by the time we figured that out our kids were asleep and we did not want to move them after 11pm. She said the maintenance guy would be in at 8am and he would be up to fix the problem, and for the inconvenience she would give us 20% off the room. We also told her to have the manager contact us and she said ok. So we didn't shower all night til the next day, stuck in chlorine all night. The next morning we woke up and went down to the front desk to see where the maintenance guy was as it was now about 8:45am. The gentleman at the front desk asked what was the problem and we told him he had no notes or anything telling him of the problem and said that he can give us 10% off our room, so another inconvenience and it was quite annoying. We had him give us the extension to the manager. We went back up to the room the maintenance guy came in about 9:20am (1hr and 20 minutes after the lady the night before said he would come). He cleaned the drain and fixed the door. Everything was fine that day and night. I called the managers extension left a message and told her i expect to have a conversation with her before we left. The following morning we got up went to breakfast came back to the room to shower and the tub started slowing down again. I looked throughout the room for another phone number besides front desk to call and found nothing but what I did see on the front page of a brochure a paragraph dedicated to customer satisfaction and it stated that of we were not 100% satisfied and they did not resolve our issue then the room is on them. Fed up with everything and the lack of communication we decided to leave and cut the stay short (We were originally supposed to leave the following evening). I called the front desk told a different gentleman of the problem and he too wanted to know why and I had to explain myself again. I told him what happened, why we were leaving and that I wanted the manager to call me by the end of the week. He said he will have her call me at the number provided on my reservation. Today is saturday of that week and we checked out last sunday and still no call from the manager. I called two days ago and the manager wasnt in. Very unprofessional and there is no communication going on between the employees and manager therefore making this one of the worst stays at a hotel we have been to. And we have been to many.
La Quinta Inn and Suites Orem University Parkway
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