Excellent place to stay.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on July 11, 2012

Hotel was great. The beds where very comfortable, but they were only doubles instead of queen which didn't give us alot of room, but two queens weren't available at the time. Nice flat screen tv, but not alot of stations, and Fox News was not working for some reason. Wait staff was super nice, gave my kid extra cookies because it was his birthday. And the cookies were awesome. Swimming pool was nice with the dual indoor\outdoor options and the space to swim underneith the wall to go outside. Only problem was there was a little bit of dirt under the bathroom sink area and the coffee maker had alot of water spots under the lid so I had to clean it. And they only give you one small creamer cup for the coffee. I need more creamer but that's just me. They do give you two bottled waters for the coffee so thats nice. Over all it's a great place to stay and near alot of stores and resturaunts.
Doubletree Hotel Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee, 38117
901 767-6666


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