beach house..could be a great hotel, but they are missing the little things!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on June 26, 2012

Wow, where do i start! first of all, the beach house hotel has a absolute great location. it is nestled between high rise condo's and other beach front hotels. it is literally about a 10 to 15 minute cab ride from the San Juan Airport. The hotel itself has enormous potential and is a good boutique hotel, but, when you go on-line and look at the photos, it is a little deceiving when you actually get here. To start, the cabanas, and Patio style furniture is not as clean and modern as their on-line photos, and the second biggest problem i had is, they have know control over who uses them! example, why are other people from nearby beaches using this furniture when they are not guest at your hotel or restaurant?!! this was puzzling and annoying at times. The staff was very pleasant and accommodating and the lounge restaurant/bar is very good. The beach is beautiful and the access to the beach from the hotel is a great plus! i really liked this hotel and would recommend it and stay there again. The other slight drawbacks were, the weekend parties, and the overall outside appearance!! when you pull up this hotel there are no real clear signs that this is the beach house hotel, and the entrance is not that appealing. This hotel could be the real gem of Isla Verde Avenue, but they must invest and truly appreciate what they have. This hotel has a great sound system and they often rent out the lounge on the weekends for parties, so depending on the genre of music you like, this could be a wonderful plus to your stay, or a miserable night of loud music. This was my intro and it almost spoiled my stay, before i could even get settled in. All-in-All, i do not regret my stay, and think Isla Verde has some of the best beaches in the Carribean!!! E. Christopher
The Beach House Hotel
4851 Ave Isla Verde
Carolina, Puerto Rico, 00979

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