Stolen Property

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on May 3, 2012

While staying at the Hilton Waterfront my MP3 player was stolen out of my room. I came back to my room to find the maid in there and my MP3 player gone. Some type of manager was called, but he obviously had little authority, and even more obviously was simply trying to get me to go away. Finally security was called and I was able to speak to someone with the title of Director of Risk Management. This man, while being polite, was also trying to get me to just go away. He said no one other than the maid had been in my room, and he trusted the maid completely. I told him that I wasn't trying to accuse anyone, only laying out the simple facts: my MP3 player was in my room, and now it is not. He told me he didn't know what else he could do for me. Are you telling me that a multinational resort chain like the Hilton has no protocol for when property goes missing from a guest's room? Finally when it became clear that I wasn't just going to drop it, I was allowed to fill out an incident report. To his credit the Director ran a key check on my room. Turns out someone called a room supervisor had been in my room about 30 min. before I discovered my MP3 player was missing. No reason was given for why this person should have been in my room, and when asked the Director could give me no clear answer. I was told that sometimes items get bundled in with the laundry, and that's what may have happened to my MP3 player. Since the Hilton Waterfront has a massive amount of laundry to do, I was told it'd probably take 2 days for them to go through it all. I went home, waited 3 days, and called them to see if my property had been found. No, my MP3 player had not turned up, and it was unlikely at this point that it would turn up. When I asked the Director how the Hilton planned to compensate me, I was told that the Hilton did not compensate guests for items which had been "left behind". I reminded the Director that he knew very well that my property had not been "left behind", that it had in fact disappeared from my room. He told me that nevertheless I would not be compensated. Now when I call the Director he does not pick up, and when I call the front desk they direct my call to security, and no one picks up. The Hilton's response to my complaint seemed specifically designed not to help me to recover my property, but rather to discourage me from making a fuss about it. I will not be staying at the Hilton Waterfront, or any Hilton for that matter, again. My suggestion to you is that if you value your property you should not stay at the Hilton Waterfront. And if you absolutely must stay there, then bring your valuables with you when you leave your room.
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