It's OK! Just not the best!

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on May 1, 2012

We arrived at the hotel and the outside was really nice, and it was very clean. When we went inside it was pleasant.. nice big open lobby you can see into the pool area. Very rustic feeling. Of course you're in Park City! When we checked in the gentlemen at the front desk was OK. He wasn't rude and he wasn't friendly. There was another girl who could care less sitting on the computer letting him do all the work. He gives us our room keys but he just hands them to us and tells us the room number. There was no key packet or some hotels even offer like a hotel map. He gave us nothing and just told us your room is to the right, and breakfast is at 6-9 or something like that. We went to our room and it was surprisingly nice.. until you looked into the bathroom. It was pretty dirty and it looked like they were in the middle of changing things out and halfway through they gave up. Wallpaper was missing from the walls and the grout on the floor by the toilet was missing. The towels had holes in them. They were faded and not very soft. I was pretty disappointed. I've stayed at some really nice Best Westerns, but this one was not the greatest. We went about our business through out the night and came back and just went to bed. In the morning when we woke up it seemed like everyone was taking a shower. There was hardly any hot water, and I say this because it would flicker between hot and cold. You could hear the toilets flush and it just wasn't very fun that morning. Breakfast was OK. At least it was a hot breakfast I kept telling myself.. because you can't really expect much for hotel breakfast unless you pay for it. When we got back we had to call the front desk to ask what time check out was, and the girl in the morning was so freaking rude. She was so short with her answer and after told me what time check out was she just hung up. Other then that this place is just for someone to rest their heads.
Best Western Landmark Inn
Park City, Utah, 84098

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