This hotel canceled a reservation I'd had for 9 months under false pretenses.

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 30, 2012

I had a reservation for 4/28/12 for the Big Sur Marathon, a reservation I made in July of 2011. I called the week before to confirm, all was fine. I called the morning of to make sure I could get a late checkout and was told a pipe had burst and flooded the whole first floor - on Thursday (this was Saturday). I asked why we hadn't been called on Thursday and told "dunno, the manager was supposed to call you. I just showed up today and found out." Apparently we'd been moved to the Ramada with one bed. I had two people and we needed our sleep (in separate beds) before the race. I told the front desker to call the Ramada, make sure we could get two beds, and call back to confirm. An hour passes. I confirm the reservation at the Ramada myself, who of course cannot get me a room with two beds, a rollaway, or a late checkout. Later, the Vagabond calls back saying "I had a note to call you." So no one called the Ramada or even followed up. I expressed my frustration about this horrible customer service and how I couldn't believe we were not called on Thursday when we were apparently bumped - and then the sales manager starts going off on ME! "Excuse me. Let ME tell you what I have been dealing with. I didn't call because I was standing in 3 inches of water. Do you know what it is costing me to put you up somewhere else?" and so on for about 20 minutes. He does make nice and I start feeling better about the situation. Fast forward to our arrival at the Vagabond to pay our bill. I ask the man at the front desk at the front desk about the flood. He stares at me blankly. (WARNING SIGN.) I persist and he says, "I don't know anything, I just got here from my other job, and I'd rather still be outside making more money." Very professional. He then goes on to tell us about his Dirty 30 party upcoming in SF. After checking us "in," Dirty 30 gives us a map to the Ramada. Apparently there are multiple locations; one is two doors down from the Vagabond. But no - that isn't it! He says. It's the one ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN. We drive all the way to that one. And then are stared at blankly and told it's at the one RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO THE VAGABOND. We drive back. After all this, my friend calls Vagabond to ask them to please demand a late checkout from the Ramada, who wouldn't let us leave at 1PM. Meaning, we were leaving for the marathon at 3:30AM and had to pack everything and bring all our stuff! Sweet. Then on the phone, here's the punchline: Dirty 30 reveals that THERE WAS NO PIPE THAT HAD BROKEN AND THAT CORPORATE HAD OVERBOOKED THE HOTEL. I spent 20 minutes on the phone with the sales manager telling me how arduous the process had be to get a plumber in and he was doing all he could to fix the "flood," intentionally making me feel horrible about complaining about being treated like trash instead of like a paying customer. The amount of lies and deception that went into me just trying to stay in a hotel for ONE night that I booked nine months in advance was an absolute disgrace. Note: apparently this isn't a rare occurrence; my friends were in SLO the weekend before for a marathon and also told by the Holiday Inn Express that a pipe had burst. IT DIDN'T. But that hotel apologized and comped their stay somewhere else. Nothing from the Vagabond and they had to nerve to lie, cheat, and make ME feel bad for being frustrated. I ended up not getting the room I'd booked nine months ago, not having two beds so my friend ditched me, and having a manager go off on me for their problems. I get that things happen. But don't lie to me.
Munras Lodge
Monterey, California, 93940

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