very disappointing

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 22, 2012

We have been planning this vacation for quite sometime and wanted to treat ourselves to a nice hotel on the beach. I cant putinto words how disappointing this was. We choose this hotel because of the Hilton reputation and our previous experiences. This hotel was utter chaos and negatively impacted our vacation in a big way. During our stay we were unable to get a lounge chair at the pool. If you were not at the pool by 9 am , chairs were gone!! The pools were so full there was not even a place to stand in the pool without getting jumped on or kicked. We then tried to get a beach chair/umbrella and were told they were out!!! YOu must be in line by 9 am or they are gone also!!! we tried to get a drink at the bar but couldnt get a seat because it was full of kids playing video games and no one said a word!! the lines for breakfast was unbelievable. THe second day we did not have any housekeeping service and when we asked the housekeeper she said it was 5 pm and time for her to leave!!!! The room was very dingy and used. The carpet was worn and dirty. This was not up to hilton standards. It was grossly overbooked for the staff and resources available. We waited 45 minutes at the pool bar to get a drink!!! needless to stay, our vacation was so disappointing when it came to the hotel. we paid top dollar for the room and we couldnt even use any of the resources. I would not recommend this hotel -our experience was not"hilton -like". i will be hard pressed to try a hilton again !! so disappointing- please be cautious and check out hotel .no free internet either
Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort
Clearwater Beach, Florida, 33767
727 461-3222

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