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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 3, 2012

We stayed here for one night after getting stranded in Venice for a few extra days (darn!) due to bad weather back in the US. The hotel where we had been staying could only give us one extra night (booked up due to Venice Film Festival) so referred us a few block up the canal and around the corner to Residenza Cannaregio. Couldn't be more different from Hotel ai Mori di Oriente (which is ancient, elegant, funky) but still very very nice in it's own way. The lobby is large, polished, very modern, with contemporary art. The front desk staff were very helpful and professional, spoke English well. We got coupons for free drinks at the bar, which we used and enjoyed very much. The bar was also stylish and modern, very enjoyable with a friendly barkeep. Our room was on the second floor in the far building, it seems like they renovate two adjoining old warehouses and made them into loft-style rooms along a long common shared courtyard filled with plantings. Very nice. I don't remember if there were elevators but if so we didn't use them, the steps were wide and not steep. The front desk arranged a water taxi for us for the next morning to go to the airport, he picked us up right at a big door off the main lobby that opens onto the canal like many of the older building in Venice - how cool is that? A beautiful trip across the lagoon (expensive, but well worth it) to the airport and back to reality...
Residenza Cannaregio
Venice, Italy, 30121
39 041 5244332

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