A really great hotel in a wonderful town!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on March 10, 2012

My boyfriend and I visited Solmar resort in March of 2012. It was our first time here, so we made sure to be thorough about our research, and asked a lot of friends where to go, what to do, where to stay. This resort is not as nice (or as pricey) as Grand Solmar, but the amenities are wonderful, and the food and drinks at the restaurants are top notch. There is a lot of seafood and steak options, and the clam chowder is the best we have ever had! We didn't have any problems with ice, water or food borne illness during our visit. They have a deli and a mini market for those things you forgot, at inflated prices (of course) $5 for a gallon of water, but really you're paying for the accessibility, right? The decor of the room is somewhat dated, a lot of orange and yellow tones, but it feels very Spanish, which gives it more of an authentic feel. There might as well be no TV with the tiny, dated TV they provide, but we didn't come to Cabo to watch TV! We were upgraded to a deluxe suite (we paid for the junior suite) at no charge. Its like a 1200 square feet apartment with TONS of storage room. a kitchenette, a full refrigerator, 2 full bathrooms, and a jacuzzi tub that fits at least 4 people. The entire room is tiled, which is hard on the feet, but I'm sure easier to clean. Almost all of the staff speaks English very well, and they are good about translating, and teaching you a few words here and there, we love the little old bartender at the pool, you speak to him in English, he replies in Spanish, its a good time. The location of the hotel can't be beat, a mile or 2 from downtown Cabo, where there are many bars, clubs, shopping and restaurants. Including a Subway, if you hate Mexican food ( you probably shouldn't come to Mexico if you do). And its right on the tip of the baja, where the famous rock formation arches are. So beautiful! A-mazing sunsets! And its of course, right on the beach. We did just about everything, parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, glass bottom cruise, whale watching, massages, laid out at the beach and pool, jet skiing, ATVing, and soo much eating and drinking. We wanted to swim with the dolphins at the dolphin center, but it was just too pricey. =( Oh, and beware of the timeshare pitches, and you should definitely pay for the $40 round trip transport that you can include at the end of your booking. We heard its $80 one way with a taxi! As soon as you get out of immigration and declarations, PROCEED DIRECTLY OUTSIDE TO THE TRANSPORTERS. The huge room that all these guys are standing in, looking important is just a timeshare trap! They target you if you look over 28 (they will trick you into telling them if its not obvious, it might be best to round down if possible, or say you're not carrying a credit card). Or just say no, no, no, and politely walk outside, its just a waste of 15 minutes after a day of travel. And there was a guy who asked for our passports after the first sales pitch, which we thought was official, but really we believe he was just checking our ages to see if we were eligible. You don't really need to show your passport to anybody but TSA is a good rule of thumb, but you probably don't want to make wakes in Mexico, just go with it. Be stern but polite. =) The hotel is about 45 minutes from the airport too. And after you check in, the concierge will try to sell you on a timeshare pitch breakfast too. She's very nice, but we still declined. I think if you are preparing for the worst (get your immunizations updated and cipro from your doctor for gastrointestinal emergencies, don't drink unfiltered water) and wear sunscreen!! Try not to be too annoyed with the timeshare sales people. And have an open mind, this will be one of the best (and affordable) trips you have ever taken. While its hard to actively try to slow down, (we're so use to being in a hurry in the states) its wonderful once you get in the groove. Everybody who isn't working is on vacation in Cabo, so everyone is very friendly. We would definitely come back to this resort again!
Solmar Suites
Avenida Solmar #1
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23410
(800) 344-3349


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