Not so happy

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on January 31, 2012

1- No breakfast, even the coffee is not free.. 2- They wanted to charge me for parking $32/day. i refused and found a $15/day right in front of the hotel. Only one block away is $10/day. 3- The only elevator broke twice within 3 days. (is it only my luck !!) talk about going 7 floors on the stairs. good excerise maybe :-( 4- There was some noises coming from the room next to mine, I asked the receptionest, he said that room is out of order and no one in there.. I said I am sure I am not dreaming there is some knocking in there.. he again re-assured me and showed me on the computer that the room is vacant and maybe i am hearing ghosts. I went upstairs again to find a maintenence guy coming out of that room.. I called the receptionest and he acted dumb ofcourse apologizing he didn't know.. 5- Second time the elevator broke... I called the receptionest to find me another room at a lower level.. he said.. would you like to sleep in the reception area !! what an answer for a customer staying for a week in their hotel :-)
Renoir Hotel
San Francisco, California, 94102

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