Second stay; Second problem

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on January 4, 2012

We had an issue at this same hotel in early November with a lack of service and problem solving from the management staff. They wrote us a (not apologetic) letter and asked us to give them another try. As the hotel is near family and the breakfast is included, we tried again over the New Year's weekend. Unfortunately, we found more issues. We had called and arranged for a late check-in. Upon arrival the front desk clerk greeted us by name (expecting our late arrival at the time we stated and did, indeed, arrive). He was running a night audit and thus the computers were down. He took copies of the debit card, hilton honors card, and ID. We had made two reservations. One for two nights and an additional reservation for a third night. We double checked with the front desk the first morning and were assured everything was in order. By the third night, we were locked out of our room (around 9:15-9:30 pm - not terribly late); our personal items in the room still. We came to the front desk and they simply gave us another key. The final morning, we checked our debit account to pay some bills before departing and found the account charged for 4 reservations (12 nights!). Well - one notices if that much money comes out of the checking account all at once. The front desk attendants spent some time informing (arguing with) us that we didn't even have reservations (what? we've been there three nights, spoken to multiple front desk employees and said hello to the same housekeeper we had from the first trip (thank you, Tina, for continuing to do a great job with the room - she is the only bright light left at the Hampton Inn in Pittsburgh). They needed some time to look into and at our departure a few hours later we were informed that they found 4 reservations but everything had been cleared up but we would be unable to get a receipt (that front desk clerk, a young girl, was very nice). OK. When we returned home, we checked the debit account again and had been over charged by $200. We have called and have been told it could be 72 hours before we see a credit in the account. What? I can no longer come up with any reasons to think that if I stay at this location again there won't be a problem. I've always been a huge Doubletree fan, but went for the value of the Hampton for family visits. The Doubletree is next door to this hotel. Two issues with front desk service and ability between November 4, 2011 and January 2, 2012. The front desk should never argue with the guest - especially over whether we actually had a reservation or not AFTER we had already been there 3 nights AND then they find 4 reservations? Something is certainly rotten at the Hampton. The rooms are clean, the rooms are nice - as nice as many Doubletree hotels I've stayed at, the breakfast is warm, and I otherwise enjoy my stay there. It just becomes a hassle when it should be simple.
Hampton Inn Pittsburgh-University Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15213
412 681-1000

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