Best location possible. Can't stress that enough!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on January 4, 2012

This hotel is in the best possible location for sightseeing and travelling around the DC area. The main reason for this, is that the hotel is directly connected to the metro, right in the middle of Metro Center. Even without using the metro, it's only a 5 minute walk to Ford's theater, and about 10 minutes to the Smithsonian/Natural History Museum, or the Mall. Aside from the location, the hotel itself is very nice , and beds are comfortable, however our room had quite a bit of dust, and the front desk/concierge never answered their phone, no matter the time of day. When we went to see the concierge at their desk, they were less than helpful (nice, but not knowledgeable of the area). Also, there was even an instance in which a panhandler came in from outside and asked everyone in line for money, even as they were speaking to the concierge. The concierge or other staff just ignored him completely and allowed him to continue soliciting money from guests in the lobby and restaurant. I've never seen anything like it. If you can get a good deal for a room, I highly recommend it, but the pros stop short of the location and comfortable bed. Also, since most rooms face the inner atrium of the hotel, it can be quite loud at night.
Grand Hyatt Washington
1000 H St.
Washington, D.C., United States, 20001
(202) 582-1234

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