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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from on November 29, 2011

I almost don't want to write this review in case Hotel Metro increases their rates to beyond what I can afford -- based on all the rave reviews it gets. And, the hotel does live up to the reviews. But, here goes. Seems we get used to getting a bit less than we think we ought, when it comes to hotels, but Hotel Metro gives you more. Roof top view of the Empire State building! For a mom traveling with 6 yo son, that was priceless. Something only maybe a hotelier or frequent hotel guest might not have thought to add - the headrest on the bed was some sort of padded leather and so comfortable to lean one's head against whilst reading before sleeping. Some hotels and their wooden head boards usually with a ledge or something right where one would like to rest one's head! Ouch! But no, Hotel Metro management thought of that. So, the take home message about the room, the service, the whole gestalt is ... the Hotel Metro thought of that. And, it has location, location, location without being in a noisy area. A nice quiet ... side street? that was right between 6th and Fifth? How perfect. I only have one slight area that "needs improvement" (but don't change it if the rates will go up!): It's not that bad, but there is a slight smell in the linens and towels of having perhaps been washed with kitchen related towels. I only noticed this because it reminded me of what would happen to my own laundry if I accidently washed my work-clothes (JB-Big Boys, fry cook - that was a long time ago, in High School) with my non-work clothes. That faint smell of fry-cook grease. Other than that - the room was superb. Loved the marble sink, Italianate tile in shower with mutliple shower heads, fluffy white comforter, excellent pillows in 3 degrees of firmness, dark red berber carpet - the colors in the room were inviting. It was just a great place to return to after an wonderful day tramping around NYC. Spent 3 nights there and would have liked to stay longer. But, there was that job thing I had to get back to. The staff seemed to enjoy their jobs. They were very helpful, professional, and pleasant to speak with.
Hotel Metro
New York, New York, 10001

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