this hotel should not be listed as a three star

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on November 15, 2011

I chose this hotel based on its three star rating but it was so bad, I need to write a review. The hair dryer didn't work, neither the safe in the room. One of the bed-end table drawers was halfway falling down and they ignored my request to fix it. The bathroom was covered with mold everywhere, around the sink and the tile walls. I was just so disgusted, I bought a bleach cleaner myself but it did not help. The faucet handles on the sink were loose from the counter. Whenever I turned them, they shook, and the right one was so loose, every time I used, it moved to the right and it showed the hole in the left where water fell down. I complained about this but nothing was done. I am allergic to mold and worried the entire time I was there. I had booked for 9 nights and spent some time in Paris looking for a better hotel but I would have had to pay for two hotel rooms and in the end it was not possible. I totally regret having booked for this hotel.
Villa Luxembourg
Paris, France
33 1 43354635

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