Okay So the Place is a Dump

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on September 17, 2011

Okay so the Pan Am is a dump and wouldn't be out of place in Ternopil, Ukraine. The carpets are suspect, the beds are beds in name only and the bathrooms are quite satisfactory as long as you keep your eyes at half mast. I have stayed at the Pan Am a number of times and never once had a good night's sleep because, well, I suspected insects although they never once materialized. Still, why suspect? Now about the location. The Pan Am may be an Eastern European stage set but it happens to be located in the most diverse neighborhood most likely in the world. So if you do stay at the Pan Am I suggest using one day to look around Elmhurst, Corona and Jackson Heights. Walk east on Queens Blvd. to Grand Ave, cross the boulevard and walk up Broadway. If you like pizza stop at Gino's just a half block off of Queens Blvd. Continue up Broadway through the Chinese neighborhood, stopping at the 3 supermarkets to go in and look around. When you get to Roosevelt Avenue cross the street and walk down 74th street, which is Little India. If you like Indian food, stop and eat at the New Delhi Palace. Step into Patels supermarket to check out the Indian/Pakistani food. Go back to Roosevelt make a left and walk about 10 blocks through South America. Cross the street and return to Broadway. When you go back down Broadway you can eat in a wonderful Argentine Restaurant called La Fusta, which is across the street from the ER of Elmhurst Hospital. Return to the Pam Am. Chow.
Pan American Hotel
New York, New York, 11373


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