Reservation cancellation

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 24, 2011

After traveling since 3am EST I arrived in Tacoma at 7pm PST to find that my reservation was cancelled due to a room out of order! I had no earlier notification of this. I was told there was no other rooms available in the hotel. I am positive that people made reservations after mine and I do not understand how it is fair that I had my reservations cancelled other than because I was traveling alone and I am female. I was told by the manager that people 'stayed over' - how can this be accepted when people have made reservations for the room?? This was completely unprofessional and I was too exhausted to argue with them and left. My experience at the Hotel Murano was very bad. I will not go back to either hotel and I am reporting the incident to my company's Travel department.
Tacoma, Washington, 98402

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