Stay away from this horror house of a hotel!!!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on June 16, 2011

After reading the rave reviews of this hotel we made a 5 day booking for the Pan American. When we checked in, we found the desk clerks to be cold and unsmiling. Thinking that it was a mere aberration, we went to our room. Although we had been assured that all the rooms were "recently renovated" the stains on the wallpaper outside the room told us that was not true. Then began our nightmare! The rooms were old and small and definitely not befitting the No:1 Ranked Hotel in Elmhurst! The dreaded bedbugs and a shower that alternated between scalding hot and freezing cold depending on whether someone had just turned on the tap or flushed in the rooms near you, made our stay a miserable one! As we are not the first to make this complaint, one would think that a hotel of more than 200 rooms would have attended to this fundamental plumbing problem by installing regulators. When we went downstairs, the Indian concierge wasted no time trying to sell NYC tours to us. When we declined, his attitude changed. When the air conditioner broke down, complaints over the phone to the Concierge only elicited promises to have the problem fixed but the problem was never attended to. The excuse was always the same: "It will be attended to shortly." We had to endure stale air in the room for 3 days until I went to the the receptionist and demanded action! This hotel is run, not by hoteliers keen on making sure that you have a comfortable stay, but by bean counters and accountants who appear bent on nickle and diming on everything! Everything was mere lip service. For instance, a pot containing hot water and another containing coffee is placed next to the reception counter. The problem is that the hot water and coffee are not replaced but instead, removed when they run out. As I make a protein shake every morning, imagine my consternation when I come downstairs at 7am only to find, often, that the flasks have been removed. After inquiring, I'm told to get hot water from the bar. The bartender was quite helpful but the process of getting hot water every morning turned into a tirade of cusses and swearing in Spanish by the Hispanic lady in the restaurant! Further, the hotel loudly advertises the fact that they provide free shuttle service from the airports, but conceals the fact that they charge $10 per person for the return shuttle to the airports by only stating that "Return shuttles to airports are available". To add insult to injury, when we asked the concierge to get us a taxi to Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, he got us a private cab without informing us that he was calling a private cab and not a regular taxi. The private cab charged us a whopping $50 for the relatively short ride! In all our 30 years of traveling this has been the worst hotel experience we have ever had to endure!
Pan American Hotel
New York, New York, 11373

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