Beware, no refund if you change, drunks outside...

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 19, 2010

We planned to stay 4 nights, but needed to change to 3 nights due to the rail service schedule change required we stay two nights at Machu Picchu. Ask for credit for the one night, but was told by the Sales Manager that Unfortunately, according to our cancellation policies, we can't make any refund. We originally scheduled for March, and due to the floods and Perurail repairs, rescheduled for April. The room rates dropped, but we were not offered the difference. So we paid a higher rate and got charged for an extra night. Do not stay in rooms 101 -105 as they are too close to the dinning area that is very noisy starting at 4AM, due to the early birds going off the Machu Picchu. The hotel is located by the public market, this is OK during the day, but not a safe area at night, drunks spend the night on the sidewalk outside the hotel. The Wi-Fi did work part of the time, and the food was very good, and the staff very helpful. Also, beware of the service that picks up at the airport, this is a tour company salesman who will try to talk you into tours at double the going rate. Many hotels promote coca tea, most doctors warn not to drink to much of this stuff, Gatoraid or Poweraid is better for adjusting to the altitude. Thanks, wish I could recommend, but the greed for more dollars is too strong, it is a shame.
Terra Andina Hotel
Calle Union 184
Cusco, Peru

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