Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on February 17, 2009

I stayed in room 215 and I must say the room was very cute, and the view was amazing. We got a room with a kitchen . In the kitchen the dishes were not clean at all. They had dried crusty food stuck to them. Very gross.. When we look in the oven we found an old pizza box inside the stove. The walls were paper thin we could hear everything that was going on upstairs and down. Sleeping in was not an option at all. The beds were just not comfortable. The DVD player was not plugged into the TV and we had to call the front desk two times to order a remote for the TV. They were booked up for the weekend so the manager said they could not switch rooms but would send someone to pick up the pizza box and wash the dishes. I was told a discount on the room was not able to happen. If I wanted to leave the hotel they would see if they could book it for the night, but if they did not I would be charged for the room. I responded by telling the manager that I will stay but I will not be returning the response I got was ?that?s fine? and the manager walked away. I was just in shock on how much they did not care.
Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge And Spa
930 Balbijou Rd
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150


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