Agora.. GREAT for varioius reasons...

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 1, 2008

.. I've been to the USA 66 times in 20 years, travel asia enough too.. but when it comes to Taiwan.. the people as a whole are polite and hard working.. you can see it in their everyday spirit.. \n The District that the Agora is in .. for Westerns is absolutely IDEA.. If you have a two block even pavement walk to good eating houses, of both western and asian, good clean bars and PLENTY of shopping center activity in the upmarket NEW YORK NEW YORK area opposite the Taiwan World trad Centre and Taipei 101.. this is right the center edge.. far enough away to not have night noise.. and close to walk to all formentioned attractions.\n The Staff at the Agory are proffessional as they are attentive.. I COULD USE STAFF AS GOOD AS THESE PEOPLE EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK... \n Stayed in Taipei 6 or 7 times.. stayed at Agory now 3.. .. and its my Taipei home now.. for all those reasons.. .. and .. the food (breakfast) is good.. and best of all the rates are excellent.\n Look no further.. Contact me if you want more help.\n This is just CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.. not a commerical for them.. Its so easy to bag hotels/people.. but seldom do people say much about good service.. This place is excellent.
Agora Garden Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan

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