should have shut this place down until remodeling is done

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 18, 2007

This place makes stalags look like resort spas. The room was filthy, the halls are dank, smelly and barely lit, the tub was dirty. Toiletries were scarce, and of questionable quality. That was just the start of it. for the love of god, dont use their car park, it's impossible to get around it's tiny and poorly designed. \n\nThe room decor is something you'd find in the run down home of a 90+ year old insane woman from Florida. In other words, chewed up wicker and hideous shades of off-peach stained with nicotine and what I hope were coffee stains on the rank carpet. The hideous lamps barely work and are spray painted gold! the locks on the doors were insufficient, and the air conditioning was noisy, mildewy, and fairly useless. \n\nI will say that the reception staff were friendly, efficient, and helpful. There are signs up promising a total remodel by 2008, but unless this involves fire and total demoilition, I'll never return to this place. \n\nDo yourself a favour and stay on a park bench in the lovely park across the street or just drive to another town.
Goodearth Hotel Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia, 4000

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