The worst welcome ever!

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on March 2, 2009

I spent many hours on the computer trying to find a hotel with an available smoking room at least 3 weeks in advance of our visit. This was the only hotel able to provide a smoking room. I had confirmation in writing for a smoking room. After traveling for 8 hours by train where my 85 year old husband could not smoke, I did not want him standing outside in the cold in a strange city at night smoking. We arrived at the hotel about 9:30 P M. After my husband checked us in, he was informed it was a non-smoking room. I could not believe my ears, the night manager was useless, he just said that the people who had been in that room wanted to stay over. Needless to say, the scene in the lobby was ugly. I made them call every hotel in the area for a smoking room. None were available. We finally went to sleep in the non-smoking room but were so angry and over exhausted we could not sleep. We were in Pittsburgh for an important family event which was the next evening and the lack of rest and the upset detracted greatly from our enjoyment of the event. The general manager made some adjustments the next day and we wound up being moved into the smoking room that day. The situation was fully explained to us and if it had been handled properly initially, we might have been spared the upset. I still would never stay here again. Believe me you cannot trust you will get what you agreed to pay for if you book here.
Hampton Inn Pittsburgh-University Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15213
412 681-1000

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