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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on April 12, 2009

We we're very concerned when we booked our trip. It was our Honeymoon and we wanted everything to be perfect and it was. The staff could not have been more friendly and the food was fantastic. The pool bar was empty most of the time and even though the resort was sold out the week were there it felt like we were the only ones around. X the bartender is awesome and ask for a Land shark with teets at the beach. Dont let the vendors on the beach hustle you because they will.... I had a difficult time with the exchange rate my first day and he almost got me so pay attention...FYI dont exchange your money. Everyone takes American money so save yourself the headache and pay that way. Everything is negotiable and american money makes that alot easier. Pass on the guys on the beach selling horseback riding..its alot cheaper but 80% of your trip is through the nastiest slums you'll ever see, I was very worried. Plan on $30 cab rides if you want to go anywhere. Yeah the beach is across the street, big deal it sa quick walk and its worth it, completly secluded with a bar...tips are included but if you throw the guys a $ here and there they make it worth it. If you get ants in your room at night call the front desk they'll take care of it. bottom line....go here its great, you'll have a great time and we cant wait to go back.
Sunset at the Palms Resort and Spa Negril All Inclusive
Negril, Jamaica


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